Sunday, September 30, 2012

An end to the 2012 Road Season

Today marked the end to my 2012 road season.  The West Virginia time trial championship was today in Rowlesburg - the home of the state road race championship as well.  I ended up being the only WV resident in the men's 1-2-3 race, so just finishing would mean I was the 3-time reining state champ!  I was the first rider off, which I really do not prefer in time trials.  I much rather prefer chasing riders - the proverbial carrot if you will.  I still put in a decent time, although it was slower than my time the past 2 years on the same course.  Next, JR, Derek, JSuite and I lined up for the first annual team time trial - we did well enough to win the inaugural WV Team Time Trial Championship!  Now it is on to cyclocross - something I am not as addicted to as road and TT racing, but we'll see how it goes!