Sunday, November 20, 2011

That's a wrap!

Yesterday officially marked the end of a very very long trying race season for me.. Cross you kicked my ass! The whole 3 races I managed to drag myself to. Time for some new lofty goals, shedding of extra poundage and saying Thanks and Bye's to friends until next year.

JR- Thanks for putting together a team this year and for all of the support. I tried my hardest to get to as many races as possible but work and play seemed to get in each others way too often. To the rest of my team mates.. Thanks for loaner shoes and bibs, the rope wrapped around my bars at Hilly Billy and Green County and especially to all of our sponsors.

Honestly I'm glad its over now... all that 'training' and stuff that yer supposed to do prior to racing- well that never happened this year. So I've got some ground to make up over the next few months. Next week all of my bike-packing gear should be in... I'm going to go ponder life in the backwoods and hopefully come out a little stronger and lighter next year. Hopefully-

Thanks again everyone!!