Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lining up for 2016

2016 has been a great year for bikes so far. Coming back from injury has been a slow process of regaining bike fitness, but it is definitely more enjoyable when you aren't hurt. Rob over at Dynamic Physical Therapy pushed me through the whole process so I wouldn't give up until I was finally pain free. Now, I am making sure to foam roll and stretch the surrounding musculature to limit the chances of reinjury.
My bike season started off with the team training camp. There is nothing better than doing a big group ride with your friends. Thanks to Pathfinder and Morgantown Brewing Company we had the supplies and fuel needed to get us through the weekend. We finished off the weekend by climbing up break iron followed by a challenging decent increased my confidence as a rider. Big climbs challenge mental and physical strength while I convince myself that putting a foot down will do more harm than good.


Next, I traveled to a few collegiate races on at Navy, VT, and Appalachian State. I am so proud of the WVU cycling team for pulling out an overall third place in Division 1 for the ACCC and qualifying for Nationals. Individually I was able to pull out a 3rd place overall for Womens B. Early races always remind me how much I haven't climbed hills in months as I contemplate dropping out with every pedal stroke (don't worry I didn't).

WVU Home crit

With this beautiful weather I hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying themselves! Can't wait to see you all soon at the next ABRA event, Steel City Showdown!

Race spectating with my Swiftwicks and Pathfinder bottle

Appalachian State