Thursday, August 25, 2016

End of Road Season and Locking Myself Out

What an interesting way to end my road season! Being the only Cat 4 Women rider for the final race of the series. Category Megan… I like it! At first I thought I was going to start on my own with the Cat 5 Men, but Gina was looking out for me and asked JR if I could ride with the Masters and 1/2/3 Women. That was an awesome experience! They actually start out at a reasonable pace for a sixty-mile race, and it was just a different feeling to be surrounded by experienced riders. If anything, this was motivation for me to step up my game next season to get the points to become a Cat 3. This might mean more traveling to get those points because it’s hard to get enough women in the Cat 4 ABRA field to get points. We’ll have to see if I have the means to do that, but it would be a great way to experience what riding is like in other areas.


For the amount of riding I have been able to do this year in comparison to last year, I would say I am still pretty happy with my end results especially since I was off the bike three weeks prior to this race. Sure, my time at Appalachia Visited was about the same as last year, but I made up for my not so great start in the second half of the race. I think it showed that I was doing something right during this school year and summer, considering I was riding a lot more distance the previous year. I ended up doing more running and 45 minute workouts on stationary bikes to supplement my lack of being on the road. Not fun, but something worked. Now how to figure out how I can get more time practicing hills…. I know hills are my weak point in races, so more focus will need to be put there.

BUT the best part of ending my road season was locking myself out of my own car at Appalachia Visited. I’m just joking about that, but I was impressed at how close my ABRA family was to getting that Ford opened! My car was ridiculously well sealed. Who thinks of putting the lock/unlock button in the middle where the radio is? That thing was basically steal proof! You go, State Farm, and your roadside assistance. Now time to enjoy a little off time from racing before cross starts.