Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays From the Dynamic PT Cycling Team

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Dynamic PT Team joins up with Ergon!


Team Topeak-Ergon USA (CO, GA)
Team Niner-Ergon (CO, AZ, SoCal)
Team 2-Epic (UT)
Team (PA)
Team EVOMO (SoCal)
Team (UT)
NORCO Factory Team (BC, Canada)
Team Bach Builders (CO)
Team (SoCal)
Café:ine Racing (GA)
Team Yeti Beti (CO)
Team Troupe Racing (SoCal)
Team EXPO (WI)
Team Kenda MTB (Nationwide)
Team Big Wheel Racing (CO, UT)
Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team (WV)
Team KUHL (UT)
NUUN-Feed The Machine (SoCal)
Team Sorella Cycling (GA)
Team Little Ades (IL)
Team GFK Racing (VA)
Team Faster Mustache (GA)
Team Fast Forward Racing (PA)
Team Xtreme Outfitters Mtb Race Team (NorCal)
Team Ripon College MTB Team (WI)
Team EWR / (PA)

Thanks Ergon!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team

Gunnar Shogren

Gunnar has been racing for 20+ years. A former pro with Diamondback, and known as the Beast of the East. The Beast certainly hasn't slowed down much!

Name. - Gunnar P. Shogren

Hometown. - Morgantown, WV

Favorite preparation method for coffee. - French Press

Favorite color - Blue... no Green. Ahhhh!

Career Highlights -
* Winning a MTB race in China, then getting out of China.
* Getting 3rd at one stage of the original Sea Otter, Pro Class, beat
Johnny T. and *all* but two others.
* Way too many others.

Would you eat a earth worm for $100? - I would eat earth, but not the worm.

Betsy Shogren

Approaching her 9th years of racing.

Name - Betsy Shogren (aka Bunny)

Hometown - Morgantown, WV

Career Highlight or favorite moment on a bike? - With gunnar on the railtrail on my commute home from work.

Favorite food - Cheetos, corn chowder

Favorite movie. - Young Frankenstein

Would you eat a earth worm for $100? - Heck No! GO VEG!

Favorite bike you have ever owned? - Schwinn High Plains aka Wanda (my first bike of my own)

Chris McGill

Fast, Smart and he is single ladies! Chris began racing as a junior in 1991 and raced for the Cannondale Factory Team, Schwinn and Proflex Factory regional teams during those years. Chris is a multitasker, he balanced training, racing, and working in shops while going to college in the early days. After attaining two masters degrees, he now is a History teacher in the Washington, DC area.

Name - Chris McGill aka. Goose aka Chrissy

Hometown - Washington, DC

Favorite food - Thai. GO VEG

Favorite movie - BMX Bandits

What is on your iPod right now? - from Bach to Slayer

Your hero? - Lincoln, MLK, JFK, Evel K.

Robbie Loehr

"I take pride in being a friendly and approachable personality on the race circuit, always happy to take time to talk about bikes, strategy, training, or anything else to anyone who wants to talk."

Name - Robert M. Loehr

Hometown - Morgantown, WV

Your Favorite Superhero? - The Tick

Would you eat a earth worm for $100? - Without hesitation

What is on your iPod right now? - A lot of The The bands (The White Stripes, The Vines, The Strokes, The Hives, The Zombies, etc)

J.R. Petsko

Stay at home manwife. Spend my day Pledging the floors, vacuuming up dog hair, dusting, laundry and dishes. While my wife Gina brings home the bacon.

Name - J.R. Petsko aka. Fatboy

Favorite food - Chicken Tacos from Hellbenders

Favorite movie - Star Wars

What is on your iPod right now? - More like what is not on there.

Would you eat a earth worm for $100? - Yes, I am poor!