Tuesday, October 2, 2012

its almost bikini season....

I hope that mental image from last season didn't just cause you to throw up a little in your mounth, but its hard to think about cyclecross and not think about that fall day at Marilla Park. And this past Saturday I found myself in Marilla Park again, practicing 'cross with teammates JR Petsko, Jerry Audet, Shawn Geiger, Jonathan Suite, Chris Jones, and Brian Decann as our own resident expert, Mike Vanderberg shared his wealth of knowledge about the sport/art of cyclecross racing. As much as I've loved racing cross the past 2 seasons, Mike made me realize just how little preparation and practice I had actually put into getting ready for it.

I used to just show up, pump my tires, go for a preride lap or two, race, and then share a beer or two with my friends. In 4 hours under Mike's watchful eye, I gained a new insight into bike/tire setups, off camber cornering, mounts and dismounts, runups, and just being fast, in general. Lets just say that I will have my work cut out for me this season to practice all that was presented to me.

Thanks Mike for taking time out of your weekend to share your knowledge.

Marilla Parks, Hill o' Death shoulder/run up demonstrated by Shawn Geiger

Magic Mike sharing his insight on proper shouldering techniques (who knew water bottle cages on a cross bike were such a pain in the butt... or should I say back, am I right Brian?)

Holding class and kicking @$$

Moments later, Magic Mike brought us out of the dark and showed us the light, and we all became better Crossers as a result....

If I didn't know better, that white van matches thedescription of the last 10 child abductions in Central West Virginia....