Monday, September 17, 2012


Sometimes closing a chapter in someone’s life can be a moment of great excitement. And other times it can be a moment of great remorse. And as I’ve recently experienced, the moment can be filled with all kinds of bittersweet feelings. For those of you who aren’t in the know… my girlfriend of 4 years and I are in the process of heading in different directions. It had been slowly going down hill for the last year and several times I was ready to pull the plug but just couldn’t do it because of her two beautiful girls. Everyone said it was wrong to stay just for that reason, but I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t call it quits on account of them. Fast forward to the end of June and Amy got to that point herself and pulled the plug on things. It would be simple to walk away if not for the house we own together and neither of us wanting to lose what we had.  So, all the plans that had been dreamed up for our 112 year old Victorian House were snubbed and I am now in the “finish what is started” mode so we can put it on the market after Christmas.

3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath, lots of new paint
But with the closing of one chapter creates the opportunity to start a new chapter in life. And while you have to remember the story you started in the previous chapters, there is something very refreshing about looking at life with a clean slate.  So after several weeks of weighing my options and testing out the waters as a bachelor, I finally found Molly who I could count on as my new best girl. While my old girl isn’t all that old, (even if you aged her in dog years) Molly is definitely a lot fresher, beautiful to look at, and has one fine chassis. We hung out all day Saturday, and I couldn’t help but smile when I would see her across the room leaning against the couch. We even engaged in some light caressing which lead to some heavy petting but we kept things on the downlow because Amy and the girls were around most of the day. Sunday came and I could contain my passion no longer and finally got to ride her.  With the girls headed to church on Sunday morning, Molly and I quietly slipped out of sight and got to know each other the way we both wanted.  I was amazed at just how beautiful she was as Molly’s bare frame lurched with each thrust and soon my sweat was glistening on her back as we became one. An hour and forty minutes later, we were no longer wondering what it was going to be like. The deed was done and a smile adorned my face the rest of the day… And now I want to introduce the world to Molly:

Molly, my 2011 Cannondale Caad X cross bike (Kenda Small Block 8's on order)

I want to thank the fine folks at Pathfinder of WV for pairing us up. She’s a sweetheart!