Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crash Motivation

Hi!! Its been awhile since I have posted, but not for lack of training and working. This summer has been trying as I am in my second year of residency, which has required more responsibility and time. I have still been able to get in some pretty good training rides. One of the low points of the month was a crash I suffered the Wednesday before the Appalachian Revised ABRA series finale. It was high speed crash and the worse part was that I cracked the frame of my beloved Cannondale EVO, Pathfinder of WV really does have the best selection of bikes!! I was definitely rattled. I had 48 hours to fix up my Cannondale SuperX for the big race. Thanks to Pathfinder again for all their support throughout the process. The bike was riding great and I was excited to compete for the series title This year I did not get to preview the course, but I was excited to ride on such a pretty course. At the beginning of the race I was feeling ok, then I started to feel stronger. I stayed with my main competitors til the last climb but could not hold on. Those ladies rode strong!! Congrats to all my competitors. Overall, after adapting to a new bike and not having 1 training ride over 50 miles during the month of August, I was happy with my result- second in the series! 
I am ready for cross season and even more motivated to get stronger for next season! I cannot say thanks enough to Pathfinder of WV and all my teammates and sponsors for making this a great season!