Thursday, December 23, 2010

Team Members Hold Dirty Dozen Records

Pigg Hill/Rialto St. across from the 31st St. Bridge

Most wins: 9 by Danny Chew in 83, 84, 85, 87-90, 97, & 03
Most consecutive wins: 7 by Steve Cummings from 2004-2010
Most wins, women: 2 by Betsy Shogren in 2009 & 2010
Youngest winner: 16 year old Josh Smith in 1992
Oldest winner: 41 year old Danny Chew in 2003
Oldest hill winner: 50 year old Billy Kanarek in 2003
Oldest points scorer: 56 year old Oscar Swan in 1998
Oldest finisher: 65 year old Roger Brockenbrough in 1999
Youngest finisher: 13 year, 36 day old Andrew Reay in 2009
Heaviest finisher: 240 pounds by J. R. Petsko in 2009
Longest time between DDs: 23 years from 1984 to 2007 by Jonathan Pratt
Highest low gear winner: 42x23 by Danny Chew in 1988
Highest low gear finisher: 45x22 (also fixed gear) by Gunnar Shogren in 2010
First fixed gear finisher: Montana Miller in 2009
First tandem finisher: Brothers Jody & Adam Lobert in 2000
Highest score to ever win DD: 64 points (out of 65) by Danny Chew in 1988 & women's winner Betsy Shogren in 2009
Most riders: 185 in 2009
Coldest: High of 27 degrees F in 1983 (first DD)
Warmest: High of 66 degrees F in 2006

Event Website -

Best DD Video Ever -

Thanks to Danny Chew and his peeps for doing this every year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tomac Bikes Makes it Official for 2011

When the DPT cycling team hits the dirt in the upcoming 2011 season it will be on a Tomac! We are extremely excited about the news and can hardly wait to take that first ride on our new machines. Why Tomac? They know mountain bikes! Here is what their official website has to say!

We believe in simple, hard core, quality products that are made by the people who use them.

Bikes with exceptional ride quality are the result of spending hours and hours in the saddle, not sitting in meetings discussing the marketing advantages of one technology over another. We don't spend time chasing trends. We do not make road bikes, BMX bikes, city bikes or any of these esoteric bikes.

We ride mountain bikes. We know mountain bikes. We make mountain bikes.

Thanks to Joel and all the staff at Tomac. I see many podiums for 2011 thanks to you and your bikes. Looking forward to working with you for years to come! Go Tomac!

Our Machines, The "Flint 29" Sweet!

See the full line up of 2011 Tomac Bikes now on there website!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Results from our final Cross race of 2010

MEN 1-2-3-4

1 0:57:58 Michael Mihalik Freddie Fu Cycling Team
2 0:59:06 Gunnar Shogren Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling
3 1:03:24 Chris Mayhew JBV Coaching
4 1:04:55 Eric Lundgren Iron City Bikes
5 LAP Jason Justi Beaver Valley Velo
6 LAP Brendan Jones Beaver Valley Velo
7 LAP Jeff Guy ChamRakh Cycling /
8 LAP Don Splitstone DPS Penn Cycling
9 LAP Rich Allen Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystems
10 LAP Kirk Morrison Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem
11 LAP Henry Dimmick Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem
12 LAP Michael Swope Team Athens


1 48:18:00 Jordan Snyder Beaver Valley Velo
2 48:37:00 Joseph Biss Beaver Valley Velo
3 49:27:00 Donald Splitstone DPS Penn Cycling
4 50:43:00 J.r. Petsko Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling
5 51:12:00 Jeff Grimm Beaver Valley Velo
6 52:30:00 Matthew Holloway
7 52:58:00 Jason Samonds Fat Head's
8 54:13:00 Mike Janeiro
9 54:46:00 Greg Flood Steel City Endurance
10 54:48:00 Jeff Gernert Greene County Cycling Club
11 55:04:00 Robert Sedgewick Morningside Velo/Biketek
12 55:12:00 Nicholas Rossi West Liberty Cycles
13 LAP Nathan Hall
14 LAP Kyle Mihalik
15 LAP Dean Brandt Dreaming Ant Cycling Club (of 1)
16 LAP Joel Morris
17 LAP Michael Swope Team Athens

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Video from this years Dirty Dozen. We look good!

Dirty Dozen Records Held by the team.

Gunnar Shogren- Completed the DD on largest gear ever (45x22) (2010). Also has won the event in 1991

JR Petsko - Heaviest Person ever to complete all 13 climbs and finish the DD. (2009)

Betsy Shogren - Two Time Winner (2009, 2010)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One last race for 2010!

This weekend Gunnar, Betsy and I will be taking part in our last race for 2010. The weather looks to be a bit chilly but that is what CX season is all about. Come join us for a grand old time at Gary Cross II this Sunday! Info -

The off season starts on Monday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank goodness for our Swiftwicks!!

Here in the northern part of West Virginia the snow has finally arrived and the temperature forecast says we will not be climbing past the low 30's for the next week or so. People often ask us how do we handle the cold?! The right gear makes all the difference. Thank goodness for our sock and arm warmer sponsor Swiftwick! They keep our tootsies nice and toasty even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Swiftwick socks and arm warmers makes it so we have once less thing to worry about when it is time to ride. Run out now to your local shop and get a few pairs. If they don't carry them, tell them they need to. You will thank me later!

Swiftwick Guarantee:
Purchase a pair of Swiftwick socks and put us to the test. We unconditionally guarantee every Swiftwick product to be the best performance product you have ever worn, or we invite you to mail us the laundered socks and a request for a competitor’s replacement pair of equal value. Visit HERE for more details.
Try a pair. You'll be hooked.