Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Thanks

Takes a lot of work setting up a 'cross course.
As the 2015 ABRA season comes to a close, i think back on how my season had gone. I may not have gotten the results i had been looking for. Unlike like past years i had missed a bit of the close local races. Not due to injury or anything, but by volunteering for local race promoter JR Petsko. People may think volunteering at a race is quite thankless, but that's not really true. You get plenty of thanks from a lot of thanks from the riders passing by. It's quite awe inspiring just how much happens behind the scenes that you don't really see as a racer.

 Whether it's staking and taping a cross course, being a corner marshal in a gravel grinder, or a lead car in road race. These are just to name a few of the many jobs that have to be covered to put on a top tier event as JR does. Having done each of these this year, they all provide a different aspect in to what goes into these races. No matter how small the job, it still plays a big factor in how awesome of an event it'll be.
 It takes quite a bit of effort in to providing a safe, well marked, and fun course for all. 
I know we see these from JR for any volunteers throughout road season. But instead of dismissing it, think if you'd be able to help out. If each of us just skipped 1 race (say that one that doesn't suit your racing style) and helped out, other racers would be thankful that they have a safe race.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The end to another year

Fall has been a time of cross and horse shows. I also finished my last full semester of college classes. Next remains two internships before they finally agree to give me a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Below are some of the highlights from the past couple months through pictures:

Nikki & I having a blast with cx at ABRA!

 Shawn, Billy, and I starting cx season in Cleveland at my first cx race!
 I am so happy to have gotten my Cannondale cx bike from an awesome local cycling chick. I have so much to learn, but excited on the new journey. I also purchased Kenda tires from another local cyclist. I am so thankful for the cycling community of West Pennsylginia, because everyone is so supportive and encouraging. 

2nd place at Clarion University

2nd and 3rd place at Grier

WVU football game with my dad

Exploring the outdoors with my little buddy

2nd place at Reedsville

Morning practices with one of my favorite men

At the WVU horse show
Currently, I am only a few points away from qualifying for Regionals in Alumni Horsemanship which will be held on March 6th. Before then I have scheduled to attend shows on February 20th and March 5th at Slippery Rock and WVU. My goal is to place in the top 2 at Regionals to qualify for Semifinals on March 19- 20.

And finally, back in NJ for Thanksgiving with my sister :) 

I hope everyone is able to capture the moments in life that creates happiness. Don't forget to make time in this busy holiday season for your favorite activities and spend as much time with loved ones as possible. Until I see you all next weekend at the final ABRA race, have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

For What Are You Thankful?

So for what are you thankful for this holiday season? When life gets hectic and it seems like you just want to give up, stop and take a minute to reflect on just how lucky you are, in some form or another, to be able to do the things you can in this world.

Here is my top (5) 'What I am Thankful For' List 2015:

5. Team Mates - Together Everyone Achieves More

4. A Great Workplace/Profession - 11 Years This Year

3. Health And Prosperity -  Need It...Want It

2. Friends And Family - Life's Initial Building Blocks


1. Just Living - Take A Look Around, We're Small In Comparison To The Big Picture

I know that there are a lot of things I could have chosen for my list, but when it all boils down to it, the simplest things in life tend to be the most dear and precious to us all.  I hope that ya'll have a great holiday season and truly do appreciate all that you have in your life.  Believe it or not, life is short, so enjoy it!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Well here it is almost end of the season and near the end of 2015. More importantly Thanksgiving and the holiday season are upon us! This time of year we should be thankful for our family and friends but as part of Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder I’m thankful to all of our sponsors for their support. We would not be able to do what we do without the support that you give us.
 I hope all of my teammates are thankful for the year that they have had. Here is to a bigger and better year ahead! I am thankful for this past season but I’m dreaming of what next season can bring. Lots of hard work will start very soon for my new goals. Well I guess I better go dust of my trainer and rollers to puts those goals into motion.

Friday, November 6, 2015


I thought this season would finish up with 3 or 4 Cross races but it didn't quite work out that way. I found myself sick at the end of road season in August and it lingered for a month. 2 rounds of antibiotic and 2 months later I am feeling better and am able to get out and enjoy easy rides. It is nice to get out and enjoy riding bikes without expectation or intervals. The roads in my neck of the woods have little traffic and the fall colors are inspiring.

I find comfort in the roads less traveled. Fall is the perfect time to explore new routes.

If your not on the cross course then get yourself out on the road and soak up the fall colors. You won't regret the time you spend with friends before cold winter days roll in. 

Enjoy the Ride! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Time to cool things a little....

After many years being away from the game, I finally laced up the skates and started playing a little hockey again. It started this summer with a pickup game a couple times a week and eventually lead to playing in an adult "Jurassic" league in Indiana PA.  I'd forgotten just how much I love to play this game and look forward to Sunday afternoons for more than just sitting in front of the TV watching NFL football.  

I have been blessed to have amber and Mackenzie travel with me on a few occassions, and I love seeing Mack's eyes light up when we talk about the sport.  On one occassion, I told her I had a surprise for her and her response was "a hockey stick??".  That wasn't what her surprise was, but it warmed my heart to hear her get so excited that maybe it was.  Truth be told, she already has 3 hockey sticks of various descriptions. 

I'll add a few more photos but we are experiencing technical difficulties at work, so this will have to hold you over.