Friday, September 14, 2012

the leaves are turning

With the summer drawing to a close, and the changing of the leaves and seasons soon upon us.  I reflect on the road season so far and realize I have made so strides as a rider, learn more about me, and what a great season with my teammate on the roads.  I've learn that though I enjoy climbing I'm not particularly fast enough to hold with the group yet.

My best race came early in the year with Greene County Road Race with 50 degree weather and a steady rain, these particular elements I for some reason enjoy even being a smaller guy without much bulk to keep me warm.  This was shown again with my last race at the oval.  Where I had taken 3rd in the 4/5 race and 5th in the 3/4 race with 50-60 degree temperature's and a steady rain.

Now that the season is starting to roll over in to 'cross season.  I am reminded how much I enjoy this torture session we call cyclocross.  With my cross season starting at Baltimore for the Charm City Cyclocross Race, were I had started last year.  With a some what pleasant finish at 40 something out of a field 100+ and started within the last 10 to 20 riders(due to a late registration), I was really pleased to be able to move up through more than half of the field.  This year though I got registered early slotting within the top 35, with a better starting place this year i am hoping for a much better result this time around.

As I stated before I enjoy the chilly and wet race which is why I particularly enjoy cyclocross.  This season should be a blast racing with and against some of my stronger teammate that had pretty much dominated me last year.   This has been a great year of racing, even without to many great results from me, my teammates defiantly made it a blast.  Best of luck to the entire team this up coming cyclocross season