Saturday, November 28, 2015

The end to another year

Fall has been a time of cross and horse shows. I also finished my last full semester of college classes. Next remains two internships before they finally agree to give me a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Below are some of the highlights from the past couple months through pictures:

Nikki & I having a blast with cx at ABRA!

 Shawn, Billy, and I starting cx season in Cleveland at my first cx race!
 I am so happy to have gotten my Cannondale cx bike from an awesome local cycling chick. I have so much to learn, but excited on the new journey. I also purchased Kenda tires from another local cyclist. I am so thankful for the cycling community of West Pennsylginia, because everyone is so supportive and encouraging. 

2nd place at Clarion University

2nd and 3rd place at Grier

WVU football game with my dad

Exploring the outdoors with my little buddy

2nd place at Reedsville

Morning practices with one of my favorite men

At the WVU horse show
Currently, I am only a few points away from qualifying for Regionals in Alumni Horsemanship which will be held on March 6th. Before then I have scheduled to attend shows on February 20th and March 5th at Slippery Rock and WVU. My goal is to place in the top 2 at Regionals to qualify for Semifinals on March 19- 20.

And finally, back in NJ for Thanksgiving with my sister :) 

I hope everyone is able to capture the moments in life that creates happiness. Don't forget to make time in this busy holiday season for your favorite activities and spend as much time with loved ones as possible. Until I see you all next weekend at the final ABRA race, have a wonderful day!