Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Thanks

Takes a lot of work setting up a 'cross course.
As the 2015 ABRA season comes to a close, i think back on how my season had gone. I may not have gotten the results i had been looking for. Unlike like past years i had missed a bit of the close local races. Not due to injury or anything, but by volunteering for local race promoter JR Petsko. People may think volunteering at a race is quite thankless, but that's not really true. You get plenty of thanks from a lot of thanks from the riders passing by. It's quite awe inspiring just how much happens behind the scenes that you don't really see as a racer.

 Whether it's staking and taping a cross course, being a corner marshal in a gravel grinder, or a lead car in road race. These are just to name a few of the many jobs that have to be covered to put on a top tier event as JR does. Having done each of these this year, they all provide a different aspect in to what goes into these races. No matter how small the job, it still plays a big factor in how awesome of an event it'll be.
 It takes quite a bit of effort in to providing a safe, well marked, and fun course for all. 
I know we see these from JR for any volunteers throughout road season. But instead of dismissing it, think if you'd be able to help out. If each of us just skipped 1 race (say that one that doesn't suit your racing style) and helped out, other racers would be thankful that they have a safe race.