Friday, April 18, 2014

Morgantown Brewing's hidden gem

Last Saturday, after the Clarksburg Grand Prix, several of the team members and I headed north to for dinner at Morgantown Brewing. We had just sat down at the table and hadn't even had our drink order taken when I heard someone mention the team blog. It dawned on me that it was Saturday night, the end of the week, and I still hadn't tried a new food yet. I thought to myself that I did still have something in the fridge at home but the quick math reminded me that I 1) wouldn't really have time to eat dinner and get home in time to prepare it and eat it before it was actually Sunday, and 2) I didn't plan on leaving MB hungry and wouldn't want to eat when I got home. I resigned myself to just double up this week with 2 new foods to try. And then I opened the menu... as luck would have it, the very first thing on the menu I saw was something I had never eaten before. No, it wasn't one of their wonderful craft beers, I've sampled them all before and have yet to figure out which is my favorite. Its always too much fun to have something different of something I haven't had in a while. Instead, my eyes were immediately drawn to the words "Beef Tongue Tacos". I closed the menu, knowing that fate had decided my dinner selection. Maybe I would be getting home hungry enough to eat the other new food that awaited me in the fridge, after all.

Tongue Tacos at Morgantown Brewing... two thumbs up from me (not so much from the cow though)

My dinner arrived and looked and smelled like any other taco. When I looked up from my plate, seemingly all eyes were on me to see what I was going to say. I found a big piece of meat, speared it with my fork, held it for a moment in front of my face to look things over and causally placed it in my mouth. I don't know what I was really expecting texture wise, maybe gristley or chewy, but was pleasantly surprised that it was like almost any other meat I'd ever tried. And unless someone had told me I was eating tongue, I wouldn't have known any different. My only complaint about the whole dinner was that there was a lot of Cilantro, and I am not a huge fan of the herb. It wasn't too overpowering, just too much for my tastes, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I ate the entire contents (4 tacos) and left the table with a desire to try cooking tongue on my own sometime.  Sorry Amber, but I'm not going to tell you when I try to slip it onto your menu, but I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised just as I was.