Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gee Willikers - What a Great Team!

My first legit team picture
Near the end of last season JR contacted me and invited me to join Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder. It was an honor to finally be invited to a big team, with people that could help me grow and develop more as a person and as a cyclist. While I was extremely excited and honored to have been invited to a new and bigger team, I was unsure about leaving Team Citius, a team that I had been on for four years. I knew that I would be comfortable with DPT, but I was sentimental about Citius. I did decide to make the move to DPT and boy has it been great!

I had never really switched from one team to another before in my entire six years of racing,so I wasn't sure how easy or hard it would be to get to know all the new people and new team practices. I was a little nervous going into team camp that I might not fit in as the only junior racer on the team. However, I quickly realized that it was nothing to stress over when, at least seemingly, nobody was annoyed by my presence. If they were, they hid it well. Seriously though, the team is full of awesome people, which made my transition onto a new team much easier. Thank you to everyone on the team for that! The awesome experience I had at team camp reassured me that I was in for a great year of racing my bicycle! I was and still am extremely happy with every part of the DPT powered by Pathfinder experience!

My first race as a DPT team member

First and foremost, my awesome teammates! They are some of the coolest and radest bikers out there. I can’t wait for the great races and other gatherings that I will experience with them throughout the rest of the season! I know there will be plenty of opportunities for me to laugh, grow, and occasionally question the fact that I am the only child on the team.

All and all, I could not be more happy with my new team. All of team members were extremely welcoming and happy to have me as a teammate. Also, I got some awesome ProGold bike cleaners and things of the like, so now my bikes can be clean for every race I ever do! A new team is a new experience, a new crowd, and more great racing! #ExcitedForTheFuture. Can we use hashtags? Oh well!!
The magic of ProGold - Before/After
My first win on DPT - Thanks for the help teammates!