Monday, April 14, 2014

Here’s to the Heavy 20’s…

                When I started working my coworkers introduced me to what they call their decades…There’s the light 20’s…mid 20’s…heavy 20’s…or whatever decade of existence you’re in.  Well this weekend I entered my heavy 20’s at the Clarksburg Crit, but that’s not how I started out my birthday week. J

                The week started with an awesome group ride with Jeff, Shawn, and JR out in Morgantown.  Jeff and I needed some pre-ride fueling so we headed to Rising Creek Bakery for some baked goods.  Making a decision on what to get was a little difficult since everything looked and smelled amazing!  Still wishing I tried one of those macaroons, but the banana bread with icing was just what I needed to keep me going for three hours.

Just a few of the delicious treats from Rising Creek Bakery

                Last year, I opted to work on my birthday.  This year I opted to take a four day weekend!  Probably one of the best ideas I’ve had lately.  I don’t think I stopped moving the entire weekend. 

                Saturday was the Clarksburg Crit.  It was a perfect day with sunny skies and weather we haven’t seen in Pittsburgh in over half a year!  Dynamic Physical Therapy had a great day with multiple podium finishes.  I don’t think I could have asked for a better birthday present then going 1 - 2 at the crit with my teammate, Cara. 

Sunday started a little rough with a 630 wakeup call after a night out celebrating at dinner with my girl friends.  Dinner at Eleven was a blast!!!  Wine, good food, and great company is always the perfect combination!  Let’s not forget about Chocolate Stout Cake…. (I may have eaten it for breakfast this morning--thank you Christine).  But after some coffee (and prayers that I wouldn’t die) I was ready for my first ride.

What a good looking group of ladies, right? ;)
JR, Shawn, Jeff, Stephanie, Gerry, and I headed out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Stephanie said at the beginning “it’s always an adventure on a JR ride”.  Man, was she right!  I went to bed last night thinking “what the heck did I just do?!” …”wow, I’m glad I survived”.  I don’t think anyone realized that unless you tell me to get off and walk because it might be a little too difficult for a first time ride, I’ll just follow the group and try to do whatever they’re doing.  Having JR say “you are the best first time mountain biker I have ever seen” makes me feel pretty darn good.  Who knew 18 years of gymnastics would make me a somewhat decent first time mountain biker!  I’m very thankful for good body awareness.  Nothing like endo-ing for the first time and being able to catch the bike before it lands on your head.  (Sorry about crashing your bike multiple times, Stephanie.)  I will say I’m a little disappointed Jeff didn’t have the GoPro with him; we would have had a couple nice falls on tape…Next time.


Water break post endo.  Stephanie said "we need to see blood today"...There was definitely some blood shed. :)

 (Yes, that is a My Little Pony on Gerry's bike..he's a Brony)

It’s been five years since I’ve been on a team.  While I never thought anything could compare to the companionship and camaraderie I had on Temple Gymnastics being on DPT has surpassed all expectations and the season is just beginning!  Can’t wait for more adventures.

                Tomorrow it’s back to business, but I can’t thank everyone enough for making this one of my best birthdays yet!