Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And Racing Is Now Underway!

My 2014 racing season has finally gotten underway with a couple of MTB races and the ABRA Greene County road race.  They say April showers bring May flowers, however, knock on wood thus far none of my April races have included rain.  Plus, after all the snow we have received this winter I would think our water index should be doing quite well.  So I started off the season by racing my new Cannondale F29 from Pathfinder of WV and I was not let down whatsoever.  In fact, it even got me on the podium in a couple OMBC M30-39 Sport category races.

(OMBC MTB race rockin’ the big black boots with the DPT kit.)
(OMBC MTB race.  No boots, but still rockin’ the DPT kit & the innertube belt.  Thanks Jeff!)
Everyone knows that spring time mountain biking equals dirty bikes.  It is times like these when I am so glad that the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder has ProGold Lubricants as a sponsor.  Nothing cleans and lubricates a bike like the products sold by ProGold. 
(A clean bike after a very muddy mountain bike race and using ProGold products.)
This past weekend was the ABRA Greene County Road Race.  Although I got dropped rather quickly in the Category 1,2,3 race it was still a great day to be on a bike.  The weather was great and seeing teammates that I haven’t seen since training camp weekend was even better.  During the race I had a lot of support.  In fact, at one point I passed JR and he held up a bottle of Coke and I thought I heard him say “Have a Coke and a Smile.”  For the younger teammates on DPT that would be a quote from the 1980s Coca Cola Coke commercial. For a brief second I thought about snatching the bottle, but then I realized that it was probably intended for my teammate Jeff, “The Coke with no ice” guy, and by taking his Coke it would be risking my life.  So I passed on the Coke and continued on the second lap completely out of the race, but having a nice ride with my buddy Dave Friedman.  As I rolled across the finish line my beautiful and supportive wife was waiting on me and asked me if I had a nice training ride.  (Thanks Arryn you always know exactly what to say.)  I then made my way back to the team area and my teammate E.J., knowing that it had been a long ride, immediately gave me some love.  (Thanks E.J.!)
(DPT team area at ABRA Greene County RR)
Unfortunately we had to held out from the race rather quickly do to it being Easter weekend and we had family events to attend to.  However, before heading out I got to spend some time with a very special little girl. 

(Macdiddle with her game face on!)
Hope all had a Happy Easter and thanks for reading.
God Bless,