Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Winter Wonderland

With winter all but out of sight of the rear view mirror. I can take a look back at the fun I had through the winter, without upsetting to many of those who dislike winter (there seems to be more after this winter). I myself enjoy winter but even so this winter was a bit difficult, but kept reminding myself to just enjoy the cold because when the summer hit I'd want it back.

First lap, dropping down the steep descent.
I ended my cross season at the Ohio State Championship, finished 12th out 25 after pushing too hard the first couple laps to break into the top 5. With the snow, frozen ground, frozen ruts from the day before, all of which ended up thawing out during my race making it quite slick, plus some fun wide single track, made for quite and interesting day.

from the summit of spruce knob

I ended 2013 with the 3rd NYERRUSK (New Year's Eve Ride Up Spruce Knob). This was the first time doing this ride, I had no idea what to expect just that it would be cold. got out of the car's it was 26 degrees not too bad, until we went down the first descent then it started to hurt. Then the steady climbing started for for about 25 miles. as we approached the summit the temps were 8-12 degrees, the tree line started to separate and you could feel the wind. there were spots on the road the the snow had been blown off, but those sections were the most dangerous as the was black ice, plus a good cross wind. I felt accomplished when I saw that I was at the summit but the cold temps plus the high wind chill left me cold and wanting hurry and get back to the cover of the trees. I had the most I've worn at once just to descend the first couple miles from the summit. even so it was so cold it started to hurt. it got to the point where we started to head back in small groups of which we could keep our own pace to get back to the cars.

hard packed snow made for smooth riding
A small shelter at the summit we were crowding in

who needs a fat bike, as long as your motivate
just a snowy solo ride

it's not all riding through, went out to Raccoon State Park to hike around the frozen park

A build up of icicles 
They build up to giant pillars

Grew out a beard to help keep warm through the
winter, though was often mistaken for a leprechaun or Amish 
It's a bit difficult to swim when the lake is frozen over