Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting Ready for Bike Racing and Club Ultimate Frisbee

So this year my goal is to balance racing bikes with being on a club Ultimate Frisbee team.  So the month of March particularly the second half of the month I have been stepping up my training with riding my bike more often and also doing a lot of running.  So starting on March 11, I rode my bike a couple of miles to go play Ultimate with a lot of people who were on club teams the year before, this was a lot of fun but reminded me how out of shape I was.  Then that weekend was the Dynamic Physical Therapy powered by Pathfinder Cycling Team training camp this was a blast and great to see everyone on the team again.  We rode about 100 miles that weekend and it was tough but I made it probably because of snowboarding and playing indoor Ultimate over the winter.  Even though I wasn't riding my bike I was still exercising over the winter which I'm sure is the main component to me surviving training camp.

So now for the week that I may have over trained a little bit .  Starting on March 21 I ran 2 miles and played Ultimate for about 3 hours.  March 22 I rode my bike to church and back.  March 23 I rode my bike to CMU then did a track workout with some people who will be trying out for the two mixed Ultimate Frisbee club teams in Pittsburgh (also what I think is an important note is that it snowed while we were running and on my bike ride home).    March 24 I rode my bike to CMU again to do another workout to prepare for Ultimate.  March 25 I played more Ultimate for about 2 hours.  March 26 I ran 6.2 miles. March 27 was finally a break day and at this point I hurt a lot this is way too much exercise for one week. March 28 I ran 2 miles and played Ultimate for 2 hours then later that night I went to Skyzone a trampoline park to jump for about 2 hours.  March 29 was another rest day.  March 30 I went for a bike ride around the city.  March 31 I ran 4 miles and did a sprint workout (running sprints not biking sprints).
Some very cool people that make a running workout on a track fun!

Even though I know that sounds like way more Ultimate and running then riding my bike I think it all will still help prepare me for racing this season since hopefully my cardio will not hold me back this year as long as I keep exercising in some form rather than just watching a lot of TV.

And finally, the highlight of March is that I ordered a new Cannondale SuperSix and I am so excited! After I get to pick it up then I have a feeling I will end up doing a lot more riding than running.
My new Cannondale is almost ready! I'm so excited!