Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Spring Training Camp

This was weekend was the annual Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team powered by Pathfinder's annual spring training camp.  I took a couple of extra days off work and headed south to my parent's house for a short vacation.  And as is typical, on Friday Night, we gathered at one of our title sponsor's (Dynamic Physical Therapy) 6 locations in North Central West Virginia.  This year's team meeting was held at the Westover Location, which is conveniently located just a couple minutes off exit 152 on I-79.  After all the ink dried, we gathered our respective loved ones and headed to another team sponsor, Morgantown Brewing for a team dinner.  As I was feeling dehydrated from a training ride earlier in the day and also having to drive to Waynesburg after dinner, I chose not to partake in any beverage appreciating, but the burger I had more than made up for that.  Sure, we all know somebody that has a bigger burger, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has one that tastes better than the Brewmaster.

Note to self... when the menu item's description says "how do you make XYZ better, you add fried egg and bacon, of course", you should probably read the menu item description for XYZ as well.  I did not realize this was a double burger and this was "WEIGH" more meat than I had intended (but I do NOT regret my mistake at all)

We woke up to a damp rain on Saturday, but most of us toughed it out and put in our 55 miles.  The worst part of the day was getting on the bike in the rain, but we were chatting it up in short order and we soon forgot about the weather.  And then somewhere along the way, the rain passed and we really just had to deal with wet roads and overcast skies.  Its always amazing the way a nice bike ride makes you feel, even if the weather is less than conducive.

After the ride, we hit up Rising Creek Bakery to try and replenish a few of the calories we killed on the ride.  If you're ever traveling on I-79 around the PA/WV state line, you owe it to your self to stop in for a cup of coffee and your favorite danish.  I had a hard time deciding what that was, so I went with a Brown, Hello Dolly, and a White Cocolate and Cranberry Oatmeal cookie.  I washed it all down with a piece of ham and carmelized onion quiche.  (The quiche was so good I got another one on Sunday after our ride as well)

Notice that there are no plates with any food left on them.
After cleaning up, we headed out for dinner at ABRA sponsor Pies and Pints in Morgantown, WV.  As luck would have it, we ran into one of the owners at Dynamic Physical Therapy and he offered to pick up the food tab....Thanks Lincoln!
The VERY appreciative Crew of the Dynamic Physical Therapy powered by Pathfinder Cycling Team
Sunday was atleast sunny and dry, but the temperature had dropped overnight and it was mentally tough to start the ride with wet shoes and gloves. But again, soon the conversation and comraderie took over and it was all Highfive and Hugs we previewed the Morgantown Road Race course.  45 miles of friends made the weekend completely worth it.  The ride was naturally also capped off with a snack stop at the Rising Creek Bakery. Between Pattis Pasticceria, Rising Creek Bakery, the Apothecary Ale House, and Morgantown Brewing.... we would be better served to have an EATING team versus a CYCLING team.

And the weekend was capped off for me with a brief stop back at my parents for a homecooked meal and a good long soak in the hot tub at Casa de GarBar.

 I want to thank Rob at Performance Coaching Service for getting me ready for the upcoming season. While I am not yet where I want to be, I am much further along towards my goal thank I would have been with out his help. As of Friday, he still has one more spot open, so you still have a chance to help yourself get ready for the start of the season.  Thanks.

And while I had a great time seeing most of the team and catching up with a few I hadn't talked to for many months, it was SOOOOOO nice to finally get back to my home, turn the car off, and crawl into my own bed.