Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And spring has finally arrived!

At least I think it has.  It is supposed to be in the high 60s and sunny today.  Plus, the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling team powered by Pathfinder just finished up their weekend training camp.  With all that and the racing season right around the corner I can’t imagine any more snow in the forecast.  Knock on wood!  This winter has been tough with record low temperatures and a whole lot of snow.  Kenda tires did get me out on the trails a handful of times this winter, but not nearly enough with the extremely cold temperatures and all the snow.

However, I did get to ride almost every weekend this winter with my favorite riding buddy.  This year we decided to buy a season pass for Rays MTB Indoor Park.  So at least one day of almost every weekend this winter the family would pile ourselves and our mountain bikes into the car and drive up to Cleveland to ride indoors.  It probably didn’t keep me in as good as shape as riding outside or doing structured workouts, however, spending the time riding with my family was well worth it.
So as we enter into the 2015 racing season I want to wish all of my teammates best wishes this year.  I hope the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling team powered by Pathfinder will see a lot of podiums this season and even more important, I hope all of my teammates stay healthy and have fun this year!