Saturday, March 7, 2015

GED for Winter Motivation

GED- Gittin'  'Er Dun

Some of the team is in Virginia getting much needed distance training, JR Petsko is getting tattoo's, Jeff Gernert is riding the trainer in a MANkini and I am doing short-high intensity training in my basement. We all do something to stay fit and sane during the long winters. We all do the best we can trying to stay motivated. 

This year I've taken a different approach to training and staying fit. The idea of training with short cardiovascular intensity intervals is not new but the idea of becoming a well rounded athlete before getting cycling specific has seemed to fall by the waist side. Gone are the days of long slow bike rides during the cold winter days and in are the days of cross training. What am i doing? 

First of all- the cycling bag remains! I just pack it a little different. Cycling shoes are replaced with boots, arm & leg warmers are replaced with puffy down jackets and goretex. The end caps are filled with carabiners and quickdraws and I have an axe in my hand. One thing remains the same though. I'm always stocked with Swiftwick socks!

Gear for the climb
Proper Footware

Luckily I can get a lot of  outdoor sporting supplies from our sponsor Pathfinder of West Virginia! That's great for me but what does that mean for you? It means if you swing by their shop in Morgantown you will be the happy owner of some great sporting equipment at a great price too!

Where do I go from here? It's literally and figuratively the same as with cycling.You have no place to go but UP!

 I love the beginning of the cycling season when the team gets together with sponsors in March and celebrate a future working together. We always learn about the development of the companies that support us and the personal goals of our friends. Unfortunately life doesn't always go as planned. For me and my wife Caito this year "camp time" will be spent in South America instead of in West Virginia. Yes it's exciting but also a bit disappointing. I am determined to make the most of this time and enjoy my crisis (40th) birthday challenging myself in the Andes Mountains. It all begins with Jampa! This 5500m beast may not be technical climbing but it will serve as a acclimation summit for the next days of climbing. 

The days that follow Jampa will not be a walk in the park. 

3-4 summits are to be done if the weather cooperates! I'm sure it will be easier than the Fairchance training race! You cyclist better get on the road...

Nevado Caracol

Caracol Ridge

With Luck and a lot of Hard work this will be me on Punta! 

Swiftwick motto "do what moves you" is a great lesson to live by. Winters are long and days are short so do what you love. Road cycling season is upon us! Set your goals! 

Dream BIG and GO FOR IT! 

Recognize and Appreciate those who support you on the Journey