Friday, April 3, 2015

finally back from injury

First off, I want to send a huge thank you to Pathfinder for helping me upgrade my bike a little bit. I was able to get a new cassette, rings, cables, tape, and chain. I also put on a new set of Kenda tires!  So far I have been able to travel to NC State and Navy with WVU Cycling before the ABRA series starts up.
Navy Crit
Womens B field

            Off the bike I have had three horse shows and qualified myself for regionals. I have officially reached eligibility for collegiate horse shows, but I am hoping to make a run at the Tournament of Champions as an alumni. I am also planning on competing at three public shows this summer.
2nd Place at Greir

            Last week, I was able to go back to New Jersey to visit my parents for a few days and then went down to DC to visit. The first day was spent visiting monuments and wandering around the city. The next day I was able to go to the zoo and was the happiest child there. I am pretty certain my dream job would be a zoo keeper, because animals are the greatest thing in the world.
Patrick and I with Abe

            I wish I could see you all tomorrow morning at the Morgantown Road Race, but I will be in Annapolis visiting family for the holiday. Next weekend, I will be receiving my white coat from the School of Medicine on Saturday and racing in the WVU home crit on Sunday. The crit will be held at the same location as the ABRA training race for anyone interested in coming out! Then, I will ride down to Appalachian State the following weekend for a road race and crit. Most importantly the McKeepsort Grand Prix is the following weekend and I better see you all there.

            Finally, I want to give another shout out to Rob over at Performance Coaching Services for helping me get back out there from my injury last season. I still have my work cut out for me to get back into shape, but I can see myself recovering and getting stronger.

Thierry and Monty tired after a long day of bike races

See you all soon!!