Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Midway into cyclocross season

Well, we are deep into cyclocross season. At this point I've done four 'cross races. Every race has felt different and each has come with its own set of mistakes and challenges.

I decided to do the first race, the Fort Ritchie Challenge, on a whim because I happened to be passing through Cascade, MD that day. It was more about getting back into the cyclocross mindset by becoming acquainted with the intensity and speed. I hadn't really practiced any of the important carrying or dismounting skills since last year. It still ended up being decently fun but I nearly rode the whole thing in "no man's land."

At the next race, Kickoff Cross in Point Marion, PA, I felt pretty well, especially compared to last year's event. However, the lack of technical demand doesn't really favor my abilities. It was probably the first 'cross race I've ever done where I could consistently work with another rider throughout the course the way a rider usually would in road cycling. What a fun course too!

Next up I headed over to the Pro Bikes Cyclocross in Oakdale, PA. I felt strong at this race but couldn't quite pull off some critical moments of high intensity to bridge the right gaps.

Last week we had great weather and a really hard course for Franklin Cyclocross outside of Washington, PA. I usually feel like a power climber but this race made me feel really out of condition because I bonked in the final 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure that the extra bit I dug in during the beginning lap did me in.

There are likely just three races left in my cyclocross schedule and then it's hopefully onward to more running while the bikes take a rest.