Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cara on the mend

Fall is officially here. That means pumpkins, continuing to rebuild from my injury, WVU football, and, for everyone that knows how cold I am all the time, giant blankets. Even though Thanksgiving is still plenty of time away, I need to send some thank yous out to those around me who have helped me get to today and halfway through midterm week without going crazy.

This past weekend was also the WVU Mountain Bike Race. Huge shout out to Tess Senty for putting on a great race and the WVU team for coming out to help and support to make sure it ran smoothly.

(Adam Woods and Kyle Kukieza of WVU Cycling)

(fellow Dynamic Teammate- Chas McFarland)

And finally I again want to thank Rob Acciavatti over at Dynamic Westover and Performance Coaching for putting up with me and helping me recover since April. As discouraging as an injury can be, he has kept me motivated to continue to strengthen myself for February. Two other friends have gone through their own physical therapy with Dynamic, one with Rob and one with our fellow friend Phil Cook (below), and have had awesome experiences!! I would never suggest any other therapy team other than Dynamic.

(Kyle Blair of K. Blair Fitness and fellow friend. Go check him out!)

See you all at ABRA Cross!!