Friday, October 31, 2014

Cyclocross day to day

Cyclocross day to day
Keeping a 'Cross bike race ready

With cyclocross in full swing, conditions are slowly degrading and back to back race days a more frequent.  It helps to keep a smooth running bike day in and out, and a clean bike is a happy bike. I like to use ProGold Biking Products, and recommend that everyone try them at least once. that's all it'll take to see  how great these products are.
sand manages to get everywhere.

These towels are particularly great at a quick clean up the frame and rims, after the dusty early season race.

Blast Off Degreaser
This here is probably my favorite product to use during 'cross season. Whether its clearing dust, mud, grease, or sand out of the drive-train Blastoff  is phenomenal getting it clean. Blast Off is significantly stronger than other similar products i have tried. Where i used a whole can of another product to clean my pit bike of sand, it took just a few quick burst of Blast Off and the grinding sound was gone from my race bike.

ProGold Degreaser +Wash
Is concentrated and recommended to use a 1:1 ratio. A spray down the frame will help cut through the mud and grime. Make it easy to wipe the bike down clean.

ProGold's Xtreme Chain lube
I run a quick layer on before i put the bike away after a thorough. The Xtreme lube is stronger and better suited for off-road use, than it's ultra low friction brother i like to use on the road bike.
A total of 20 minutes and my bike is cleaned and read to get dirty again.

These are just a portion of ProGold's great products, be sure to check out their site, and try some of these product when you have a chance. If your LBS doesn't stock these products, be sure to ask them to, all of these ProGold products stand above the rest.