Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vacay... Day 5

Cruising up Rt 1 with Dad... look at those 8' paved shoulders to ride on.
We were blessed with another beautiful day on the bay. Dad was up for another ride so we went out for a "quick" 20 which was really a slow 30. Dad's still experiencing the same shifting problems, so I guess we're back at the starting point with that issue. The rear cable was replaced last year (this bike is only ridden during the summer months while he is in Maine) and he put a new chain on last week and started having all these new problems. I'm thinking the shifter or derailleur is the culprit but don't know which way to go with the trouble shooting and since he is running Campy, I can't swap anything out of my spare parts to diagnose things through the process of elimination.

I had every intention of going out in the afternoon for another short ride of 25-30 miles, however, the fish were biting so I decided to keep trolling for mackerel in one of the kayaks. I caught nothing significant to speak up but I did catch a few mackerel although only 1 made it into the boat. And It was only a tinker and I would have thrown it back in to catch another day, however it hit the lure so hard that in the process of removing the hooks, I removed several important body parts for the fish. Sorry little guy but I guess you'll taste good with some barbecue sauce.

The Beach at Temple Heights.
Its supposed to be another nice day tomorrow so I want to get up early and get out on the bike so I can be back before the activities get rolling. Maybe I can get my 60 mile loop around Megunticook in or maybe I will be drawn north towards Castine.  Check back to see where I head to!