Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vacay.... Day 1

With all the changes that I have gone through in the last 13 months, this week is long been overdue.  My vacation started Friday night at the Bud Harris Memorial Oval and the Team Time Trial. EJ, Devin, and Nate toed the line with me. EJ, Devin and I had a few laps of TTing together, however, Nate arrived just in time to race and we had to just figure it out as we went from the line.  And the first few laps were a little sketchy as we tried to figure out our rhythm, especially on the second lap when Nate had a bird fly into his wheel in turn 3. But we got if all figured out and eventually finished our 5 mile TT in 11:04, a touch over 27mph.
Blue Ribbons for the Blue Train
I left the oval, went to work and wrapped up a few items and got on the road around 10PM. Since I was up at 5AM, I fully anticipated needing to pull over and take a nap, but I wanted to get as many miles behind me as possible through the night to avoid the headaches of weekend traffic in New England. Google Maps said it was 766 miles door to door and it estimated that I would arrive at my destination at 10:33AM if I was going to drive through. I stopped the second time, just after crossing into New York for fuel and was pleasantly surprised that my 20 year old Subaru still manages 30+ miles per gallon. (to keep this family friendly I will not share the reason I had to stop the first time that caused me to leave one of my favorite tee shirts on the side of the road). As I struggled to stay awake on 84 in NY, I was hoping to make it past Hartford before napping because the traffic absolutely sucks during daylight hours. And as I approached Hartford, I started getting my second wind and kept pushing on with a goal of making it to the rest area on the Mass Pike... then it was a rest area on 495 I've frequented... then liquor store in NH... then LL Beans in Freeport, Maine. I crossed into Maine around 7:45AM, my favorite moment of every trip.

The middle of the Piscataqua River Bridge is the state line between New Hampshire and Maine
I did stop for fuel in Freeport but was feeling good so I pushed on with Northport Maine in my sights. I covered the 785 miles at 10:26, just 7 minutes faster than the ETA that was predicted some 12 hours prior.  Technology is utterly amazing.

And surprisingly, despite being up for over 30 hours, I managed to stay awake and visit with my parents until 130 when I finally went and took a nap.  And as a surprise to me, Mom and Dad had lobsters and corn for dinner when I woke up. Nothing like 5 star dinning for the first meal of the stay!
Finally able to enjoy some of the PBR's we won at the TTT the night before

Dinner is served

Up close and personal with my favorite Crustacean
I didn't get on the bike like I'd hoped and tomorrow it is supposed to rain, but I do have to leave something else to look forward to since Fresh Lobster is checked off my to do list already. Check back as I will try to update you again the next few days.