Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rehab and Relaxing

As many of you know, my season has been none short of disappointing. I started seeing our good friend Rob Acciavatti over at Dynamic Physical Therapy in Westover, WV twice a week for medicine and stretching. Fortunately I was given great news that I may not have to come twice a week anymore which also means I can finally graduate from the rail trail. I need to send a huge thank you to both Rob for healing me all up and JR for riding at a 2 mph speed with me. The past few months have made me even more excited for February when Chas and I can tackle collegiate season with the WVU team and flow into the public season. Until then will be baby steps back into shape.

In the meantime, I have gotten the opportunity to travel to a few places. First was Italy with three days in Florence, 4 days in Sorento, and 3 days in Rome. I highly encourage everyone to visit Italy at least once in their life. I know I will be going back one day.

I come back to WV this weekend to jump head first into fieldwork, school, and the newly earned ability to start training again. But until Saturday I will ignore all of that from the North Carolina shore.

Thank you all for reading! See you soon, West Virginia!