Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacay... Day 2

Billy touched on a subject this month that is near and dear to my heart in his blog: Great Ride > Great Race.  Some of my most memorable rides over the last 10 years have been laid back rides with friends and family. And like Nathan Clair points out in his recent blog:  Mountain Bike Nationals, its very hard to  put into words the feeling that you get when your hard work and long hours pay off with a spot on the podium.  But today's ride was an easy 24 miles in the Midcoast of Maine. We went out on a familiar route to both of us and spent 2 hours hanging out and sharing stories since the last time we got to see each other. When we got back to Northport, he headed back to his camp and I went for a quick climb up Beech Hill Rd and an additional 16 miles.  Dad kept apologizing to me for "holding me back" and he kept telling me that I should just ride on and leave him behind, but today's ride I will always remember, not for where I went, what I saw, or why I was riding, but rather for WHO I was riding with. These days seem to be fewer and further between as to compared to when I was a kid and it happened 3-4 times a week. I have learned to appreciate these as much as even the hardest fought for podium spot. Today I checked another vacation bucket list item off, but also added it right back on to my list and I hope I can get back out on the bike with dad. And if it happens again tomorrow... I will add that right back again for the following days.
Shore Road selfie

Bayside Selfie