Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Season

This summer was not exactly everything I had planned. But doing it all wouldn't have been exactly easy to do, and I promised myself I'd let this summer "be my last" as a kid. Besides, cycling in Wheeling has been awful this summer especially since they stopped their Wednesday night hammer ride because of one wreck that happened last year.  So I chose to let myself enjoy the ride and get back to cycling this fall, maybe even try cross.
One of the most important things I needed to do this summer was make some dough so I could remain going to school. It seems, however, this led to me using the money on summer vacationing. Whoops.  So it became working so that I could afford to play and relax.  That's what loans are for anyways right?
With that being said my July has been very fun. Earlier in the month I took a trip to Cedar Point and rode coasters on their fast pass until I was sick of it (which takes me a while). Then on July 16th the vacation of my life happened when my plane departed from the Pittsburgh airport for Aruba.
The night before my friend and I didn't get much sleep so we were exhausted by the time we arrived, so we ate and went to bed. However the next night we wanted to try a very much talked about bar on the island called Moomba's. When we got there the bartender, who we found out later was the manager, took a liking to us.
This led to an amazing Friday night which honestly felt like a movie. We went to Moomba's again and met a girl who was friends with more of the staff.  So, we naturally asked what they did after they closed at 1 and said we wanted to hang out with Roy the manager.  We went to a club called Gusta and waited on our new friends. Just when we thought they had lied and were no longer coming, five members of the Moomba's staff showed up, and soon even got us into the VIP section of this club. As I was talking to my friend and another guy who snuck in with us, a woman grab my hand wanting to dance. I had noticed a sash she was wearing and I asked about it. When she showed me it read "bachelorette," and I quickly realized I was in the middle of a Polish Bachelorette party!  Yikes!! Well the rest there is just history.
Aruba may have been one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life.  The rest of the week my friend and I would go to the pool or beach and just relax for hours.  We also met a few new friends, a family from Pittsburgh, of whom the father knows of our very own Pat Claire.  We met another guy from Columbus who said he often comes to Morgantown to visit one of his friends there, so we're naturally going to hang out during the school year.  Coming home was very sad, and when I do get my big boy job I definitely will have to go back.
As I write, I am currently on my way to Top Sail beach with my girlfriend and her family for more vacation time! Hopefully this will be a much needed break and I can come back well rested and relaxed, especially before going to the real world. Then it'll be time to start hitting the books and getting on my bike (actually training).  But in the mean time I'm going to enjoy the time I have before the ominous senior year approaches.