Monday, November 11, 2013

Empire of the Sultans

The Sun comes up one morning in October and I take a deep breath. I realize that it has been a long but satisfying cycling season. I am excited for my teammates to start CycloCross and in that same moment I remind myself what a privilege it is to have the support system of the Dynamic Physical Therapy powered by Pathfinder Cycling Team. I still have a desire to compete but I know my body is in need of a break and so I shift my focus to other responsibilities.

This is the time of year that family asks if I'm going to crawl out from under the rock which I've been hiding under since New Years. Family and non-cycling friends are almost always neglected throughout the my race season so this is the is the time of year I choose to grab my wife and some friends to explore foreign cultures.  This year I told everyone that I wasn't going to come out from under my rock so they would have to crawl down into the catacombs with me. This years adventures were in Turkey!

Lycian Tombs of Myra

I love to explore the nooks and crannies of the villages we travel because that is where you discover the true local culture. I'm always amazed by the sense of togetherness brought about by simplicity. This group of family and friends didn't speak any English yet invited us over to help to make fresh pita bread and prepare ripe olives for fermentation. They rolled fresh dough with bamboo sticks and cooked on an open grill. In spite of the language barrier we were able to learn their traditional ways and laugh at each other along the way. Sometimes I am reminded that material things are not as important as quality time and being able to enjoy the moment. The most memorable thing about this time was that we were fed by the local people that barely had enough food for themselves. I found this trait to be common among the Turkish people-they would go to any length to help. They would include their last piece of bread.

Back Streets of Cappadocia

We spend days exploring the caves of Cappadocia! It's amazing that people used to inhabit these caves. Best known for their appearance in Star Wars, the rock formations of this area are otherworldly...




After cave hopping and spelunking we decided to challenge ourselves and climb Mt. Nemrut to watch sunrise. I always feel I need to push myself to some new fitness. It was worth the 2am departure!

Mt. Nemrut
The climb to the summit wasn't easy so we decide to end this adventure with a trip with a  Mediterranean sailing voyage! 

Mediterranean waters