Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cross Is Boss

Lately I have been hearing the phrase “Cross Is Boss” by many of my friends and fellow cyclists.  Well, I don’t know about that, however, I will say that I do enjoy the laid back environment and the sharing of adult soda pops with my fellow friends around a fire pit.  I would probably describe cyclocross as interestingly fun and entertaining with hopes of improving my bike handling skills for next seasons MTB races.

After doing two CX races in the past month I will definitely say that it provides for a great workout similar to a criterium all the while testing your bike handling skills which is needed in mountain bike races.  So hopefully the skills and experience I gain from doing cross races will allow me to see the podium in some mountain bike races next season.
(Rare occurrence)
Another cool thing about going to a cross race is that there are usually multiple races throughout the day so you have the option to race more than once and there are usually kids races which makes it a great family event.
(Look of determination)
If I can gain anything from the MTB training rides with JR, Jeff & Shawn along with the cross races I hope that it’s learning how to ride more obstacles and rugged terrain.
(I can ride this!)
(Maybe I can ride this?)
(I will never ride this!)
Either way I am having fun riding my bike for the DynamicPhysical Therapy cycling team powered by Pathfinder this year and I am meeting some very interesting people like this girl dressed up as a Ninja Turtle.
Once again thanks to all of all sponsors for supporting us!