Friday, November 15, 2013

Cyclocross season so far

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m finding these darn cyclocross events pretty difficult after a long cycling season. But that’s what they are supposed to be, right? I’m hoping to sneak into a 6th or 7th place of Category 1/2/3 in one of these final ABRA races. I’ve been pretty happy about my effort and fitness in these initial events but my handling skills weren’t up to where I wanted them. Those are progressing along though. I’m a little sad that none of the races have had a hard “run-up” section, which is partly due to the really dry conditions thus far. I’ve been in the pit swapping bikes just a little too often to be successful. Hopefully my changes for this weekend will prove fruitful. My Kenda tires have never given out on me in these last few weeks of cyclocross racing and training. Except for the one that my German shepherd decided to bite through. My consistent favorite has been the Slant Six because its volume is high for a 35 mm tire and there are just enough knobs to stay very grippy. It’s really been working well in a variety of conditions, including scenarios where I surely thought any tire would fail. I’ve climbed some of my leafiest, rockiest and wettest trails on my cross bike and wasn’t spinning out. Any of the courses that climb or have some bigger power sections tend to be my favorite. I really liked the Franklin Cross for that reason. I haven’t raced in White Park since I was a teenager but the mountain bike race that once occurred there was always a ton of fun. I believe I won the junior expert division in its final year. I watched the cyclocross race that happened there back around 1999 but I hadn’t quite gotten on that cross bandwagon yet.
Start of "Go Fast If You Are"

Mountain bike racing through White Park as a youngin'

Everyone loves the White Park whoop-dee-doos