Monday, September 2, 2013

A Year in Reflection (aka Going in Circles and Making Left Turns)

As I sat down to write this blog, I thought to myself, what a great year I have had with my teammates on the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder. I cannot recall a year of racing that I have had more fun on and off the bike with any team I have been on previously. I digress. Well the team had a great year road racing together and it was all capped off the other night as the last race of the ACA weekly training races at the Bud Harris cycling oval took place. The team had Devin Corboy in second place overall in the individual points standing and also Shawn Geiger in fourth place. In addition, DPT was in first place overall in the team competition, but on by 10 points over NuGo/Koeles. With these things in mind, plan for the race was simple, no one from NuGo/Koeles would go away and Devin, Shawn, and myself all needed to score points to secure the team category win and also to keep Devin and Shawn in their overall individual top spots. Even though the NuGo/Koeles team outnumbered DPT with riders this night, numbers cannot make up for the experience and determination that our team possesses. No matter how many times the NuGo/Koeles team attempted to make a move and break away, the DPT team covered their attacks and them shut down. As we were racing and I was suffering, one thought kept running through my mind ‘what would Jens do?’ Well to be honest, that and my guilty pleasure song ‘Umm Bop’ by Hanson. Yeah you know you love that song, but just won’t admit it. It’s cool; I’ll be the voice to say what we all know you are thinking (Best song ever). Going into the last lap, a few riders slipped off the front and were trying to steal the victory, but to no avail. They all cracked and we all sped past them in full sprint mode. The train was set up for DPT, being led by Devin, then myself, and then Shawn. As the sprint unfolded, Devin wound up in third place, I took fourth place, and Shawn was in sixth place. These placing secured the overall team championship for DPT as well as the second place individual overall for Devin and the fourth place individual overall for Shawn. Well, for me at least, my 2013 racing season has come to an end and now it’s time for me to drink some beers and cheer on my teammates during cross season. I NEED MORE COWBELL……… Also a big thank you to all our sponsors, for without your support, none of this would be possible... Mylan Pharmaceuticals Kenda Tires Sketches by Anne Cannondale Performance Coaching Services Simply Saab Honey Stinger Red Rose Imports Nalini Custom Pro Gold Lubricants Morgantown Brewing Company