Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time Trialing in Charles Town

For this Memorial Day weekend, I went to (and am currently still in) Charles Town, WV.  Riding in Charlestown is very different from riding in Morgantown.  The most notable difference is the condition of the pavement.  In 10 miles of TTing, and 45 miles of road riding today, I encountered just one blemish in the nearly perfect pavement.  The is also much less topography than I'm used to, though that's not necessarily a bad thing...

Out of the relatively small field in the Argyle Time Trial, I managed a 2nd place, most likely attributed the Mountain Dew Slurpee I drank during the race, and the pre race Stinger Waffle I indulged in.

I'm the guy in 2nd.
I raced the TT in Matt's much-too-large-for-me non-aero helmet, after forgetting my legit Cannondale Cypher helmet at home, it only fell over my eyes about a hundred times, not helping my aeroness was the fact that my aero-bars wouldn't clip onto my rather ovalized handlebars, so I raced in my phantom aerobars.  After the race, I stopped at a local shop, 3-Points Cycles, and bought a new helmet for me to use for the weekend.
Selfie in my temporary helmet.
On the way back from the shop, Matt and I walked through a car show that took up the entirety of downtown Charles Town.

Me and a DeLorean
After hanging at the car show, we road to Martinsville.
Mine and Matt's bikes in front of 10 C-5's
And that's it so far.  Bye for now.