Thursday, August 1, 2013

My WV List: #6 P4P

Pedal for pints (P4P).

The premise is basic.

 Someone sets up a course (at White Park).  Everyone brings a beer.  We ride it as fast as we can on our mountain bikes.  The order of your finish determines your pick of the available brews.

It defines "social ride".

Sometimes there's a lot of riders.  Sometimes there's not.  Sometimes we ride REALLY fast.  Sometimes no one really wants to.

Tonight was my last P4P.

And I finally figured out how to win: cheat. (ok ok I didn't MEAN to cut the course).

The first time I raced pedal for pints I rode my cyclocross bike, because I didn't have a mountain bike.

It's what ignited my need to get back on fat tires, and what spurred me to earn my Cat 1 licence this year.

While I don't get to do it a lot, every time I do, I finish with a big smile.

But the best part isn't the riding, it's the hour after that makes the ride special.

Hanging out, drinking cold brews, talking's what makes this cycling community awesome.