Friday, August 2, 2013

My WV List: #5 The HBR

What can be said that hasn't already?

Certainly the hardest cycling event I've ever done.  Certainly in the top 5 hardest events I've ever done.

Probably in the top 3.

Why try to explain what I and others already have?

OK, I'll say a little.

Last year, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into.  I built my bike only days before, and had only ridden the race distance three times.

In my entire life.

The fiasco that ensued (2012) is by far my most popular blog post.  It's also fairly comical now to read.

It wasn't at the time.

I once did a 50k skate ski marathon in Alaska, and I unknowningly had a 101 degree temperature.  Only 5.3k into the race, I broke my ski in half.  I then proceeded to race anyways, broken ski plowing into the snow on every kick.  And then couldn't eat a single thing the whole race, all 5+ hours, because I felt so sick.

My first Hilly Billy was about the same.

What the hell is this about?  Read the 2012 report.
OK.  Just think about it.  72 miles of racing.  That's hard.  Now, no pack racing (not for me anyways, not for most), so it's basically a solo TT effort.  That's harder.  Now, it's 7500ft of elevation gain or whatever the hell it is.  That's harder still.  NOW, it's on TRAILS and MUD and NASTY gravel.  That's WAY harder.  Add in that fact it's high summer in really is that bad.  Really.

If you haven't done it, then you won't know what I'm talking about.  You may think you do.  Sure, you may have done an ultra, or this that or the other thing, but the Hilly Billy is just...something else.  You'll think I'm looking down my nose a little when I say that.

I am a little.

If you like to cycle, and you like to hurt, and you like dirt, then this needs to be on your bucket list.

It DEFINES WV cycling for me.

Mark my words: Hilly Billy will be an event that will span decades and generations.  It will be an event with a capped entry, and will sell out in 24hrs.  The word is getting out.  Get here and do it.


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