Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The hard, busy, and extremely frustrating work of the school year is finally over, for a few months at least. All my hard work has payed off though, the year was an extreme success. Unfortunately there has been an extremely rainy start to my summer, with only 2 or 3 truly clear days out of the 12 so far. Even with the unfortunate weather, it's still been an exciting summer so far. A few parties, a bit of work, accidentally drove through some flooding, went longboarding a few times, and of course gone on some good rides.

Artsy rain photo

This past weekend, for the first time in a while, I went on a ride for the sole purpose of going on a ride. Pushing myself for the fun of it without focusing on a specific workout was quite refreshing. A bit of heavy rain and a wrong turn made the ride even more interesting, but hey, all is well that ends well - plus I got to test out my Kenda tires in the rain(they did not disappoint).

The rain is a good excuse to sit inside, make food, and watch Netflix. I've finished a few seasons of different shows and watched a number of good mountain bike films! A few days ago and friend and I made some cupcakes, yesterday we made grilled cheese and watched Netflix(no surprised there), and this morning I made some killer waffles! 

carbo-loading for a long day of volunteering at the Hilly Billy

Optimistically: the storms coming early means that the rest of the summer should be clear, which means I can get out more, on my longboard, on my bike, and on the canoe, which a friend and I recently dug out of my dad's backyard. I'm probably leaving out a lot of good stories but summer is about experiencing life, not talking about it! See everyone at the Hilly Billy!

On a canoe trip with my mates