Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Starting Again

The last 6 weeks have gone by in a blink of a eye. Now I'm back in the USA catching up with family, friends, clients and of coarse my team. Less than 12 hours after being back I found myself in West Virginia with a few team mates getting focused on some of the Hilly Billy Roubaix roads. The experience was epic. At least that's what my butt says now!

The road back to fitness is never easy. It's especially difficult after 6 weeks off! Nevertheless I was excited to get back out on the bike. I think I should have chosen an easier road for my first ride though! The roads of the Hilly Billy are unforgiving and the hills are not easy at any speed, but it was great to be out!

Difficult rocky Road

I'm especially thankful for my team and sponsors understanding of the time I have spend away not competing. I have missed some key events as a result of being gone but rest assured that I am right back in the cave of pain and focused to represent moving forward into July.

Game face on! No - that's just pure suffering!

The physical and mental aspects of intense cycling are draining but when you step back and look at all the support we have it is encouraging. We have our families that help manage our time for obscene amounts of training hours. We have our sponsors that supply necessary resources to train, race and enjoy this sport we love so much. We have our teammates and directors that sacrifice themselves for the better good of the team. I have been "living the dream" for many years now and am happy, thankful and appreciative to be able to live this way! At the end of each day you can find me smiling with the anticipation of tomorrow. We can all dream big and then live that dream!

In the end it's all Good Fun