Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A different May

Similarly to last May the schedule had many of the same races this year but this things were a bit different.  It started off with 6 hours of Brady's run. Last year I had just went to watch and support my teammates that were racing. This year though I opted to try to race it solo. it wasn't the best of ideas for me with temperatures hitting close to 90, but it was such a fun event.

Next was the dirty double, again I did it last year but this year something was different.  Last year me and Cara teamed up on a ( borrowed) tandem, as that was my first time piloting the tandem and only the second time riding one it defiantly made for a interesting ride. Well this year was different and I did it single, and by single I mean single speed solo. As I just set my cross bike up single speed just month before. I didn't put a lot of rides on it before deciding to try it at the dirty double. With 3600' of climbing the first day and a long sustained climb from the start I was a little hesitant as I hadn't done anything like it before, with such a short time riding single speed. The dirty double is such a fun race, even though I finished 6th and just off the podium riding it on one gear was quite a blast, even if it was a steep learning curve again. 

Though like last year I went to Iowa over memorial day weekend, and like last year I underestimated the strength in the fields over there. Even though I didn't have good races while there it was an experience racing by myself with complete strangers. I did capture this cool video of racing the snake alley crit, which main feature was a winding switchback cobbled hill that would kick up over 22%. Here is a video a video from inside the race for the first 2 laps.