Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tandeming in July

Lately, I've broadened my cycling horizons, and trying out a completely new discipline of riding: Tandeming.  Our director-sportif, JR, was kind enough to allow my friend Cara and I to borrow his tandem, and we made quite good use of it.  Our first ride was around 30 miles, and it started out rough.

Riding a tandem is much different that riding a one-person bike.  Most notably, starting off is kind of tough, climbing is quite a bit more difficult on a tandem as well, but that is more than made up for by the speed you can reach on descents.

By our second ride, we were starting like pros, and both of us seemed a bit more relaxed that on the first.  We joined a dirt road group ride, sure, it was a little tough to navigate the technical parts of the "roads" but I think we did pretty well.

On another note, I was super disappointed to find out that all the remaining ABRA short track events were cancelled.  After working on the course in Gerard's Fort, I realized how fun it would be to race...  Jerry may be over the cancellation, but I'm not!