Thursday, July 18, 2013

Short Track practice with Addie girl.

This year, thanks to encouragement from my Dynamic PhysicalTherapy Cycling powered by Pathfinder teammates and a nice Cannondale from our manager to ride, I have found a new kind of enjoyment in the sport of cycling.  That new enjoyment has come via mountain biking.  It really has been a nice change of pace as I was getting a little burnt out on the road.  Plus, my Addie girl is now 7yrs old and wanting to ride much more with me.  However, currently the only bike Addie has is a 40lb Wal-Mart special so it is much easier to get on some trails with her instead of the road. 

The problem, however, is that we don’t live really close to MTB trails and by the time I get home from work at 7pm at night all we want to do is grab a Honey Stinger waffle to munch on and ride ASAP.  Thankfully we recently learned that the local high school’s cross country trails makes for a great place for Addie and daddy to ride together. 
Although the cross country trails are nothing like shredding on some gnarly MTB trails they are a lot of fun to rip around on and you kind of get the feel that you are racing short track.  There are tight turns and a short power climb followed by a quick decent that Addie recently learned to tackle.


 Plus, there are also lots of jaggers to cut up your arms and lots of mosquitos to swat at which helps improve your bike handling skills.  Oh and I almost forgot about the best part.....the trails are lined with blackberries so when Addie eats all of my Honey Stinger chews I always have something close by to grab. 
“Sighing……..I really wish my daddy would take me on a road trip to Morgantown to get me a new Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2 from Pathfinder with a set of killer Kenda Slant Six Pros.  We could even grab lunch at Morgantown Brewing Company!”

So hopefully riding the cross country trails will pay off because round two of the ABRA Short Track series is right around the corner on July 27th at Garards Fort, PA.  If you missed the first STX race I encourage you to sign up here for this one because they are a lot of fun.  And if nothing else I am truly blessed to enjoy this great sport with my daughter and I am so thankful that God blessed us with the health and wellness to ride our bikes. 
Thanks for reading and ride on!
Billy & Addie