Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My WV List: #7 The Weather

A summer gravel grind...

Being from New England, I'm used to about 3-4 months of "warm" weather.

Sure, there's years you get 5 months of nice weather- to ride, run, fish, hike, etc.

But here in WV, you get 6 months.  Or more.

A spring mountain ride...

Not only that, the rest of the year is mild enough that even in the bleak of winter you can still be active.

Yet, it's not horribly hot for the majority of the year, and there's still enough snow to entertain myself with.

I really think in WV you get all four seasons.  In VT (at least in VT where I lived) you really only got 2 or 3.

A late Fall evening road ride

Well, 4 if you count mud season.

Early Winter in Preston County

That's not to say I don't love New England weather.  In summer, the fact that it's so short makes it even more precious.  And the winters are epic for Nordic skiing and other winter fun.

Summer trail ride

But I will miss being able to ride in short sleeves in April, because the chances of that happening in New England are slim to nill, and here in WV it happens regularly.

A little skiing on the Cheat Lake Trail

Or fish well into November, when "back home" everything is starting to ice over...

A ride in Autumn along Sky Line Dr.
The rhododendron in winter

I bet it'll take me some time to adjust.

Which is fine, as it will serve as another lingering reminder of my time in WV.