Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Wouldn't Say I'm a Crit Guy...

Well, last weekend, I raced my first criterium of the season (unless you want to count the training race, but it wasn't all that critty); The Clarksburg Grand Prix.  Our team's strategy was for me to ride like Billy did for an earlier race, and chase down all the breaks, I was down with that, and was looking forward to helping out the team.

I wasn't riding fast, but I still looked fast!
 While I was preriding the course, I felt good, I had plenty of power in the legs, and was excited to race, but a little after the first lap, I picked a bad line through a corner and got 'pinched' out, I had to hit my brakes, and didn't see the pack until the end of the race, when I (and the chase group I was in) got lapped.

I wouldn't consider myself a strong technical rider, but I was still expecting to do better than that.  In a few weeks, I'll be racing the McKeesport Grand Prix, and from what I've heard, the course is much better suited to my strengths: climbing, and my technical deficits.  

On the road race front, I competed in the Morgantown Road Race in April, what a way to start the RR season!  I was aiming for a top 10 placing, and I think I would have been able to attain that if I weren't dropped from a the breakaway group on a descent.  A descent!  I really need to work on those bike handling skills.  

Prior to the first big climb of the race, Sugar Run, teammate Jerry (or is it Gerry?) dropped back to pull me to the front of the paceline so I would be in a good position for Sugar Run, which I was going to attack on.  He set me up in a wonderful position, but before I could attack, some Pittsburgh guys beat me to it, I jumped out of pack and gave it my all up the climb.  I make it to the top right up front, and made it to the top of the second climb Pitcock Run in a really good position too.  

I was really feeling good about then, having just eaten my favorite flavor of Honey Stinger Waffle; Lemon.
This is the face of death
That feeling soon left me when everyone else rushed past me on a rather technical descent.  I tried to catch back on on the rollers following the descent, but a horrific headwind made it impossible.  

I continued riding tempo in a dejected state for a few miles until teammate Todd and a few other guys caught up with me.  I integrated into their group and we pacelined to the finish.  I ended up 19 out of 75, and Todd was one place behind me.

After the race, I realized that I'm climbing really strong this season, thanks no doubt to Rob of Performance Coaching Services, and his customized training plan.  But I also realized that my bike handling skills really need work, and since I have a awesome Cannondale CAAD10 with Kenda Tires, I can't blame it on the equiptment!

On a different note, I have discovered a new use (at least to me) for ProGold Chain Lube, It works perfectly to keep my Speedplay pedals from creaking, it doesn't attract grit, and lasts way longer than the wax lube I was using before.  

The 2013 Dynamic Physical Therapy Team powered By Pathfinder is working like a well oiled machine.