Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Having A Blast in 2013 (Clarksburg Grand Prix)

So, I can safely say that I am having a blast this year riding and racing with my mates on Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder.  I have been racing bicycles since 1991, and this is definitely the most fun I have had on any team hands down (N’ @).  We are definitely a family and look after one another, not only on the bike, but off as well.  In order to build good team relations, it’s important to do other activities as a group off the bike, and this year has been great. Also, it’s the little things we do while riding/racing together that are important as well like 1) the pre-race ritual bum grabs (Devin) 2) pre-race team meetings and the most important, 3) posing next to JR in a team photo.

Hmm, where is Billy?

I digress, so The Clarksburg Grand Prix was a good example of how teams should work towards a common goal and achieve that goal.  During this race, no one rider was selfish or only thought of themselves in any fashion, it was one team with one goal in mind…..WININNG (thanks Charlie).  The race started off as most CAT 3-4 races do, fast.  The first 15-20 minutes of the race was non- stop action and shed some of the weaker riders.  I looked at my Garmin at one point and saw that our average speed was about 26.7 MPH with an average power of 300 Watts (thank you Devin Corboy for the 2x20 interval workouts ALL WINTER). 
After the initial pummeling at the start of the race, we settled down and took a breather for all of 1-2 minutes (insert sarcasm) after another rider crashed (for the first time?!?!?) in the starting straightaway.  Enough time for some attacks to launch off the front, but nothing too serious.  I was quite enjoying shouting race tactics at my teammates during the race, especially you Billy Slutz!!  When I said to move up in the field, I didn’t mean for you to go off the front…LOL.

Go Billy Go!!

Ok, my ADHD just kicked in, so where was I. Oh ok, so midpoint of the race Todd ‘The Masher’ Hauber jumped out of the pack and joined another rider or two off the front (never saw them again)for what would be the decisive and winning move of the race.  Now our turn to earn our money as teammates was about to kick into high gear.  At that point, we needed to be defensive of Todd’s position off the front and chase down any move(s) that attempted to bridge to Todd and his breakaway companions.   So we did……..Then, there was another crash (same guy for a second time!?!!?) so the field backed way off the pace and the last lap of the race was so slow and not hotter than heck as usual.  Again, I could ‘shout words of encouragement’ to my teammates and to watch for possible counter attacks.
So, to sum up the race in a nut shell:
1.  A plan was made
2. We all suffered alot
2. A plan was executed
Next up for the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team Powered by Pathfinder, The McKeesport Grand Prix.

Pain Is My Friend, Pain Is My Friend...