Monday, April 22, 2013

Addie & Daddy Sunday Fun day

Addie & Daddy Sunday Fun day

Yesterday Addie and I had a decision to make on how to spend our day together.  The decision was pretty easy to make…..biking of course.  Our day started off with a nutritional breakfast of Honey Stinger waffles and coffee / chocolate milk on the way to church and then Addie singing in kid’s choir at church.  After church let out we rushed home and changed into our Sunday best.  FYI………our Sunday best includes a Dynamic Physical Therapy cycling kit powered by Pathfinder of WV and made by Nalini custom apparel…………just saying’.  We then hit the towpath to begin our journey from Canton up to Akron.  This is about a 28 mile one way trip following the Tuscarawas River and filled with God’s beautiful creations.  Although a bit chilly it was actually a beautiful day with the sun shining.  We probably counted over 200 turtles sitting on logs sunning themselves.  (Yes we really were counting them.  This is what you do to pass time when cycling with a 7yr old beautiful little girl.)  We also counted all 80 bridges that we either crossed or went under. 
Once we made it into downtown Akron we headed straight for Jimmy John’s and home of the 45 cent day-old loafs of bread.  We bought 4 loaves and ate 2 loaves there.  Note – Addie ate more than me no lie!

 After we got our fill of bread we headed down Main Street in Akron to catch the last few innings of the Akron Aeros game.  Yes true cyclists wear their helmets and cleats into the baseball game!

(The had an inflatable slide at the ball park.)

After hanging out in Akron for a couple of hours we decided to start our journey back to Canton before we ran out of daylight.  I noticed at about 30 minutes into our trip home that my little princess who usually talks your ear off, “yes she gets that from her dad”, was being very quiet.  It was at this point that I had to start yelling at her every 5 minutes to stay awake.  It amazes me how she can actually start to doze off while riding behind me.  This part she definitely gets from her mom who can fall asleep just about anywhere.  So we finally made it back to the car and before I had even finished loading up the bikes and changing my cycling buddy was fast asleep in the truck.


My Addie girl ended up sleeping in the car all the way home and continued to sleep there while daddy cleaned up the bikes and applied some of ProGold ProLink to the chain.
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