Monday, November 19, 2012

Some may say she is my tag-a-long but.................

I prefer to call her my twin engine! And for the last few weekends she has been right behind me on every ride I've done.

The most enjoyable ride, however, would have been last weekend when we finished off our 50mile / 3hr 30min ride at the William McKinley Monument in downtown Canton, OH.  Could someone please tell me how a 6yr old can have enough energy to run the 108 steps up the monument after cycling 50miles? 
Of course my excuse for not running up the 108 steps was because I had on cleats.  So after my little princess runs back down she tells me she wants to bike up to the top.  And so we did.
All-in-all I must say that I am really enjoying putting in the miles with my new training partner. 
Here is another pic of my training partner refueling with some yummy RAW REVOLUTION bars after our 50mile adventure.
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