Monday, November 12, 2012

just some musing

As I was looking over's race statistics for me, it dawned on me that as of Sunday I had competed in 52 cyclocross races.  As of today, it only adds up to 44, but I am still waiting on Murrysville (x2), and Morgantown Monster Cross (x4) to be added to the results. Last year, I also drove up to  Kirtland to race, and almost a year later they have still failed to post the results with USA Cycling. Kirtland was even the next to best results I've ever had in CX and those dirty rats robbed me of my glory and probably jeopradized all the potential sponsorship money I had coming my way. I guess that's just another reason to despise the city of Cleveland. I should also mention that doesn't include the 5 races I've done with Rick Plowman on the tandem this year (4 wins and 1 second), but there aren't enough people racing tandems to really keep track of those results (at least that's what Colin Reuter tells me).
Anyhow, If you've ever had the opportunity (or some might call it the misfortune) of watching me race cross, you know that I do so for the love of the sport. Even though the race pictures don't always portray it, I am smiling like a butcher's dog when I am out there. And while I only have 3 career podium finishes (2nd at Kent State CX, 3rd at Kirtland, and 5th at West Pennsylginia) to go with my 31 career bottom half of the field finishes, I can honestly say that Cyclocross is my favorite discipline of the sport of cycling. Yes, I have multiple "road" wins and ABRA series titles on the road and in criteriums, as well as an ACA title at the Oval, but NONE of that is as much fun as an afternoon of cross racing. I make no excuses, I just flat out suck when it comes to racing in the dirt and grass, but I just can't help but love being out there. I'm asked all the time why I don't just concentrate on one class, but if I did that, I feel like I would be missing out on so much of the fun that I look forward to every weekend. Yeah, it would be nice to be consistently in the top 10, but I can't complain about all the fun I have when I am racing out there, even though I am slower than I want to be.

And looking back over the 52 races that are under my belt, the 2 days of Morgantown Monster Cross may have topped the list as far as fun times on a bicycle. The near perfect weather, the exuberant fans and hecklers, the awesome course, the picturesque setting, and the camaraderie of fellow teammates, all added up to be one of the best weekends ever. From the first race on Saturday to the final laps on Sunday, it was an A double U E awesome time. Next weekend is another double up with Bruceton Mills on Saturday and the rescheduled Raccoon Cross on Sunday.  Both venues have been awesome in the past, and I have equal expectations for them going forward. I hope you grab your bike and give it a go, I promise you won't be disappointed. Come out and see what its all about!