Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Am I to old to be a mountain biker?

So I don't have a cyclocross bike or race cyclocross which is what most cyclists are doing right now.  And riding my road bike by myself has been pretty boring lately.  So I decided to dig out my Trek 820 from the garage that I bought in 1994 during my senior year of highschool.  I believe the last time I road the bike was probably sometime in 1998 during college.  I drove to a nearby park to ride some trails and within the first mile I felt like a 9yr old boy on a bmx bike again.  I was loving it even in the cold rain and even when I went down 30minutes into the ride because my bike handling skills suck.
So if riding this antique 2 wheeled machine is this much fun then how much more fun is racing a 29er through mud, navigating switchbacks, over rocks, and everything else that mountain bike racing offers?  Plus, can a boy, or should a boy, approaching is 40's with horrible bike handling skills attempt to get into mountain bike racing? 

Either way I am having alot of fun riding this old hoopty even with the tag-along and my Addie girl riding behind me.  Yes, that black looking thing on the seatpost is for a tag-along. 

Thanks again to all sponsors.  Honey Stinger has made my rides very yummy.
And camelbak is keeping my thirst quenched.

And ABRA racing is the best road, crit, cyclocross and mountain bike racing series around.

Ride on......